Energy Balls Recipe

One of the things I and many people find the most difficult can be snacking. It is easy to grab snacks that are unhealthy but finding snacks that are satisfying and filling whilst being healthy at the same time can be difficult!

This is one of my go to recipes, I find one is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. It's easy to make and easy to grab and go!


1 cup (128g) Oats

1/2 Cup (64g) Smarties

1/2 Cup (64g) Peanut Butter

1/3 Cup (43g) Honey

Mix all the ingredients together

Using your hands roll the mixture into balls

Set in the freezer for 1 hour

Store either in the freezer or fridge (I keep mine in the freezer)

What's great with this recipe is that you can have fun with it and try different variations, you could add; dried fruit, coconut, nuts, chai seeds, flax seeds, dark chocolate chips etc.

Make sure when adding peanut butter you choose one that doesn't have added sugar!

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