1-2-1 training sessions with me. I will carry out a consultation with you to find out what your goals are and how we can get you there. We will look into a time frame for your goals as well as discuss your nutrition and any injuries you may have. Alongside your sessions I will also provide you with a programme tailored to your goals that you can carry out when you are not training with me. Which will also include tips and tricks to staying on track and helpful tools to plan your weeks as well as your weekly progress.

At the beginning of your journey we will take measurements and progress photo's if you are comfortable to do so and update these every few weeks so you can see your own progress.
Discounts for block bookings.

Available for outdoor training during lockdown!

Programme (varied lengths)


A full programme completely catered to your goals. IThe length of the programme can vary depending on your needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced, whether you are training from home or at the gym everything will be taken into consideration. We'll discuss your goals as well as injuries to make sure the programmed is 100% tailored to you.


The programme will contain how to track your progress, nutritional advice as well as how much you should be eating depending on your goals. All workouts explained and recorded so you know exactly what you are doing. Including live workouts so you can feel like you are training with me and have someone to push you.


£50 a month

I will carry out a FREE consultation to discuss everything surrounding your fitness journey. We will look at what you are currently doing and how you can improve/change things in day to day life as well as discuss your goals, nutrition and any injuries. I will then complete a programme for you with your desired number of workouts, this will change every month to keep it exciting for you! The programme will contain a planner, food diary, your workout as well as tips and tricks to keep you on track. All your sessions will be filmed so you'll feel like you are working out with me.

Every week we will have a call or zoom to talk about your week and what you can do in the week to come. I will also be checking in with you throughout the week to help you keep on track and see how you are doing.

Includes full 24/7 access to me.



Home workouts have become the new norm and with many places still in lockdown it can be difficult to find motivation as well as trying to figure out how to reach your goals at home. No matter the space you have available or the equipment you have I can help you to reach your goals from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a beginner or advanced I can help you!